Diplomatic’s Rise & Shine album is not just a collection of songs, but a fully realized story crafted through both music and an original graphic novel. The illustrated book shows how Diplomatic’s creative energy and connection to the spiritual practice Falun Gong ignited his artistic mission.

The backbone of the graphic novel narrative takes place between the album’s songs and focuses on Diplomatic’s origin story. Told with the aid of medical journals based on his actual meetings with a psychiatrist, the story delves into the inner turmoil that Diplomatic faced in his early life and reveals how he overcame it.

The Rise & Shine graphic novel captures Diplomatic’s uniquely personal transformation – from a fundamental change he made within himself, to his spiritual adoption of Falun Gong, to putting on a mask and dedicating his talent to helping end China’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Both the Rise & Shine album and graphic novel are complete, stand-alone mediums, but when experienced together they forge a graphic album – a deeply personal, innovative and immersive journey told through words, pictures and music.

Rise & Shine is like nothing else in popular culture today.